Fully Utilize individual ice cream cups sam's club To Enhance Your Business


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They can\'t change the system themselves. Nevertheless, the company has set high standards for itself. We will not consider our cups to be universally recyclable until our customers can recycle them in our stores, their homes, workplaces and public places, the company is responsible in its global contextFor now, Starbucks can move at its own pace because the public is not enthusiastic about the Cup.

Fully Utilize individual ice cream cups sam's club To Enhance Your Business

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Lessons can also be learned from the French government, which this year decided to ban sexual cups and plates by 2020 unless they are completely acceptable. Coffee chains must be forced to develop suitable recyclable cups. To be fair, some are already being tested. This summer, for example, Starbucks began experimenting on a cup with a thin plastic lining, designed to easily separate from paper racks during recycling.

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The company is required to stop using foam cups. After her petition received 135,000 signatures within three weeks, Jamba Juice announced that it would stop using foam food service containers. Recently, the company began to gradually implement the so-called \"eco-environmental protection \". friendly\" cup --A paper cup designed for drinks sold. CEO James D said: \"As a company that is very concerned about people and the earth . \"

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